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This video shows the highlights from our performance at a charity event in Market Deeping. The display lasted half an hour and featured TotalFreeRun members - Luis Mapes, Niran Patel & Theo Miller


TwiiterLuis Mapes (Left) Dan Martin (Middle) Anthony Race (Right)Luis Mapes (Left) Nathan Crick (Right)Facebook

TotalFreeRun is a Parkour & FreeRunning team from Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. 

We are made up of members of all ages and from all walks of life, who are all very close friends and share the same passion for Free-Running. 

As a group we have been training together since 2009, and have achieved a lot of goals over the years. 

Most of us became interested in the art of free-running from an early age and one day aspired to practise it. 

The group met at a freestyle gymnastics club, which we started together with no previous experience in the art, so when we officially came together in March of 2009, we trained very hard and improved significantly in a short amount of time due to our passion and commitment. 

Since then we moved on to set up our very own indoor Parkour & FreeRunning classes in September 2009, and again in 2011 when we moved to a bigger gym, where we still currently teach. 

The most important part of our story however, is that although we have trained very hard to get where we are now today, we have had great fun whilst doing it, and that reason alone has brought us all closer together.

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